Stream to Facebook Live directly from Wirecast!

Wirecast Now Enables Professional Quality Live Video Streaming to Facebook

Users can switch between multiple cameras and add effects, green screen, lower thirds graphics and other production effects to their Facebook Live streams

Nevada City, Calif., April 13, 2016Telestream®, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced that the latest version of its popular live streaming software Wirecast now features Facebook Live as a streaming destination, allowing users to create and stream high-quality broadcasts from their computers to their Facebook timelines with just a few clicks.

Facebook recently announced the ability for all users to stream live video to their feeds through the Facebook app for iOS and Android devices. With Wirecast, users can now elevate the production value of their live videos by using multiple cameras, graphics, effects, transitions and other professional capabilities. With direct integration between Wirecast and Facebook Live, Wirecast users can publish live streams directly to the Facebook Live platform from within the Wirecast interface.

With so many businesses maintaining a Facebook presence, streaming live content presents a perfect opportunity to attract additional followers while increasing overall traffic. Creating dynamic, eye-catching content with titles, graphics, and transitions keeps otherwise fickle viewers engaged and tuned in.

“Facebook Live allows people and businesses to connect with friends, fans and followers in exciting and much more interactive ways,” comments Barb DeHart, Vice President of Desktop Business & Corporate Marketing at Telestream. “With Wirecast live streaming production software, Facebook users can create unique and professional live streams with professional production capabilities, such as multi-camera live switching, lower thirds and titles, green screen, instant replay, scoreboards, and much more,” added DeHart.

Wirecast is ideal for broadcasting professional live web shows, news, online gaming, sporting events, concerts, church services, corporate meetings, lectures and much more. With Wirecast, users can switch between multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as movies, images and sounds, and adding production features such as transitions, built-in titles, chroma key support, virtual sets and live scoreboards.wirecast:facebook screenshot

Because Facebook Live is now an integrated broadcast destination for Wirecast, once they have started streaming, users will be able to see the number of live viewers, the names of followers who are watching, and a real-time stream of comments, throughout the live broadcast. Once the broadcast is complete, the video will stay on their timeline like any other post.

Wirecast 6.0.7 featuring Facebook Live as a destination is available now as a free update from Wirecast 6 or for purchase from Prices start at $495. Wirecast will also be shown at NAB 2016 on booth SL4525 April 18-21.

About Wirecast
Wirecast is the only cross-platform, all-in-one live streaming production software that enables capture, live production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously. Wirecast is ideal for streaming or recording live internet shows, broadcasting breaking news and sports, streaming live concerts and games, transmitting church services, corporate meetings, lectures and more. Pro production features include live scoreboards, 3D virtual sets, chroma key support, advanced audio controls and more.

More information is available at

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About Telestream
Telestream provides world-class live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise. Many of the world’s most demanding media and entertainment companies as well as a growing number of users in a broad range of business environments, rely on Telestream products to streamline operations, reach broader audiences and generate more revenue from their media. Telestream products span the entire digital media lifecycle, including video capture and ingest; live and on-demand encoding and transcoding; captioning; playback and inspection, delivery, and live streaming; as well as automation and orchestration of the entire workflow. Telestream corporate headquarters are located in Nevada City, California. The company is privately held. For more information, visit

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    • Hi Keith! Facebook limits it to 90 minutes. Sorry to hear that it cut off your church service without you expecting it! I think as FB LIVE evolves – they’ll open it to a longer duration. Also, what an incredibly technologically advanced church you are! So awesome to livestream to FB!!

    • Alexis Patton

      Yes, you can as long as you are an admin on each page. In the Output Settings menu in Wirecast, go to the bottom left and add an additional output to stream to multiple pages.

      • Agata

        Hey, in it says :
        Video Length:

        4 hour maximum length for live stream.
        4 hour maximum length for preview streams (either through Live dialog or publisher tools). After 240 minutes, a new stream key must be generated.

        so why does it cut off after 90 minutes?


        • Alexis Patton

          Hi Agata,

          Thanks for the heads up. I was actually not aware that Facebook had increased their maximum stream lengths. You can absolutely stream up to Facebook’s maximum time. There wasn’t ever a limitation built into Wirecast, just Facebook itself.

  2. This may seem like a silly question, but we can’t figure out how to STOP a stream once we go live.

    Once I’m finished with my facebook live stream, if i uncheck the stream button, it sends the stream on my page in an infinite loop at the end and I can’t finish the stream until I delete the entire post off my page!

  3. James

    Hi I downloaded the trial version and cannot get anything to work when testing the stream to FB…it simply tells me that “The server returned an error message of (#200) App does not have permission to create live video on this user” Please check your setting and try again.

    Any ideas as I love the concept of wirecast but cant try it out?

  4. van

    I wanna know if there is possible to see the viewers (watchers) of my Facebook LIVE broadcasting using Wirecast. You know it is available to see who the viewers are while using smartphone facebook Live.

    Thank You.

    • Alexis Patton

      Hi Van,
      At this time, you cannot see the exact people who are viewing your live stream. This may be something that Facebook enables for 3rd party applications in the future, however.

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  7. Raymond

    As with @Jeremy above, I’m also having a problem with ENDING a facebook live stream. Clicking “stream” to end the stream in Wirecast just sends the Facebook live player into a “loading” state but still says the player is live. I usually have to quit Wirecast altogether, and then the stream finally ends after a few minutes. Any suggestions?

  8. I am testing this feature now, but could need a little help as we’re going live tomorrow :-I

    Wirecast i working fine on my laptop encoding at about 45% CPU.
    However doesn’t look fluent in a browser on another computer, like when I’m using Dacast.
    I don’t know however what I should expect.

    Also, I can’t seem to open up the fb live stream on my iPhone or my iPad (the while small center wheel just keep turning).

    When I enter the settings in Wirecast under facebook encoder settings I have an option under “Quality”. The default is 3, but it goes from 1 (Ultra fast encoding) to 9 (Very slow encoding).
    What is this and how will it reflect my stream and CPU load?

    Ps: My web connection is 250/250mbit.

    Thanks in advance.


    Boe Larsen

  9. Saj

    You guys support live streaming from on-demand content and not from an integrated camera?
    This is more to do with Azure media services and soon to follow with Facebook live streaming.
    Say if we wanted to stream a pre-recorded content live at a given time for an online event.
    Can this be done with Wirecast?

    • Alexis Patton

      Hi Saj,
      Yes, Wirecast is essentially a video switcher. You can upload pre-recorded content into Wirecast as a ‘shot’ but you will have to push it live manually at your desired time during the stream. You can also stream live video. We do not have an integrated camera, but Wirecast integrates with most major brands.

  10. Hi Alexis

    First of all, I totally love the software: really use to use, very intuitive and easy to get started with.

    There’s a few issues I have:

    First, which was mentioned above is the ending of the broadcast. There is a delay of about five minutes before the broadcast ends. So when I click on the stream button to end in Wirecast it ends about 5 minutes after that on facebook, and only when I completely shut down Wirecast.

    Secondly, Facebook sees the livecast as being posted from Wirecast. This has a negative effect on the number of people seeing the post at the time i.e the reach. When i posted from my phone as me the live viewers were around 2k – 3k whereas now using Wirecast I am getting only 1k live viewers. This is down to the fact that Facebook sees you as someone else posting to my page, whereas if we could post the live broadcast as ourselves then that would dramatically increase the reach.

    So is there as way I can post as myself from wirecast?

  11. Serik

    As someone who only uses Screenflow right now, could I use Wirecast to just live Screenshare through Facebook? Also, what is the audio quality like for system audio for live streaming?

    • Andrew Haley

      Hi Serik,

      Yes, you can absolutely use Wirecast and it’s built-in screen sharing tool, Desktop Presenter, to show your desktop live on Facebook. We do that on many of our live FB broadcasts. Alternatively, you could still do everything in ScreenFlow, export your video and add it in to Wirecast, then just stream your finished ScreenFlow video to FB from Wirecast. Either way works great 🙂

    • Alexis Patton

      Hi Robert,
      You cannot stream to fan pages unless you are an admin of that page. To do this, make sure all of your Wirecast/Facebook settings are set to Public so that Wirecast can recognize your additional pages.

  12. Mhik

    I tested your Wirecast v6.0.7 in Windows, and i found that the Software cannot detect my Onboard Sound Card Line Input Source in the Computer Motherboard. So, to be able to work with Wirecast, i installed an Application Called “Virtual Audio Cable” to link with “Line Input Source” to “VAC” then to “Wirecast”, but there is a little bit delay on Audio maybe because the connection link in not a Direct to Wirecast.

    By the way, I used Line Input Source on the Computer Motherboard because i am Using a Mixer which is using a 1/8 Jack then Connect to the Input Source on my Computer.


    • Alexis Patton

      Hi Denny,
      In accordance with Facebook policies, you may record your stream locally while streaming to Facebook Live, however, streaming to other destinations will be disabled.

    • Alexis Patton

      Hi Joshua,

      Did you purchase Wirecast Play Studio (the YouTube version) or the full version of Wirecast? Only the full version allows for streaming to Facebook Live.

  13. Hamid Karbalai

    Hi here come error
    Cannot connect RTMP/Flash Server at the given ip address. verify the server reachable at the given address [-4018]
    the output facebook not configured
    I try it clearing the browser cache and the re-authenticate. If that still doesn’t work, try deleting the app from your Facebook profile and re-authenticate, making sure to not change any of the privacy settings or permissions.
    I Uninstall and then reinstall wirecast but not solved this problem

  14. Stacy

    Can Wirecast now stream to groups you own? There are a few products out that can do this type of syndication, but if it can be done using Wirecast Studio 6 or it’s planned in the future I rather use Wirecast for that purpose.


  15. Guv

    I need to know is it possible to broadcast prerecorded audio/video message to visitors on joining the live stream so that they will get the introduction And doesn’t miss it.

  16. Hi,

    Can we use Wirecast to livestream video to facebook through a smartphone? If so which app version do we need?

    We have about 20 people within the business who would need this ability would we have to for the app pay per smartphone?

    Do you know how we can stream through wirecast directly to facebook (on a phone) while embedding a Sprinklr key and link for tracking?

    It would be great to speak with someone in more detail about all of the above if someone could contact me please?


  17. It seems that Facebook doesn’t let you stream again immediately after the 90 minute timeout. I’ve created a new output settings profile and reauthenticated after the timeout, but I continue to receive a “Cannot publish stream.” -4020 error. Can you verify if Facebook time locks restarts? Thanks!!

    • Alexis Patton

      You have many more live broadcast options with Wirecast than you do with gotowebinar. You can use Wirecast for webainars, yes. It is a one-time license fee.

  18. Dre

    Seems like the video stream being uploaded by wirecast is flash based, I am getting a “Flash unavailable” when trying to watch. Eventually Facebook converts the video but watching live doesn’t work on iPad and Mac without flash.

    • Alexis Patton

      Hi Tony,
      In accordance with Facebook policies, you may record your stream locally while streaming to Facebook Live, however, streaming to other destinations will be disabled.

  19. Agata

    So I can stream at the same time on Facebook Live and Webcast itself? If somebody does not have facebook can still watch it on Webcast? Or if I stream through FB LIVE it’s only Facebook?
    Thanks a lot!


    • Alexis Patton

      Hi Agata,
      Facebook does not allow simultaneous streaming to their site and others. You can record a local copy of your stream and upload it later if you’d like.

  20. Renata Gomes

    Hi. I have a blackmagic Ultra studio mini recorder that works great with an older version of wirecast, but I can’t get wirecast 7 to recognize it. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix that? Thanks

  21. kj

    I have Wirecast 6 and have been streaming to facebook pages for some time now – it works great.
    However, it lacks the ability to stream to private FB groups.
    Is this something that is included in the Wirecast 7 upgrade ?

  22. Abhishek Dharga

    Hi I am looking to buy live streaming solution.
    I need to do live stream on our Youtube channel and facebook page on sametime.
    Is it possible I can stream live on both Youtube and facebook using one wirecast sofware?
    Secondly I do have camcoder and computer Do you know what other things we need to do live streaming.
    If you have any article please pass it to me.

    • Alexis Patton

      We do not currently have integrations with Instagram or Periscope. Sorry. And, when streaming to Facebook Live, you cannot stream to any other destinations simultaneously. This is a restriction set by Facebook. You can however, record a local copy of your stream and upload it to other destinations afterward. Hope this helps.

  23. DJ Oneofakind


    1. Can you stream to your personal profile? I.e NOT a page.
    2. Do you see the names of those viewing as they join the LIVE video etc? And additionally comments they are making?
    3. Have we gone past 90 mins max stream time yet?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi DJ,

      Yes, things have come a long way with our FB Live integration. To answer your questions one at a time (I am referring to the latest version of Wirecast, 7.3, as of writing this):

      1. Yes, you can stream to your personal profile
      2. No, you will not see names, unless they leave a comment or a Like. But now you can see how many people are watching, commenting and liking right within Wirecast, next to your output statistics.
      3. Yes, Facebook has upped the limit to 4 hours now, or you can use “Continous” live streaming which is unlimited but won’t record.


        • Hi Jeff, We actually haven’t tested that… We don’t have the 1×1 aspect ratio available as a standard size from our Facebook Live destination. But you could try it using a generic RTMP stream to facebook, and see how that works. There’s no reason Wirecast would stop that from working… though there may be some restriction on the Facebook side (because, obviously, they’d rather you use their phone app for those streams) Let us know how it goes!

  24. I am using Wirecast 7.1 Pro and am going live in 2 hours on Facebook – however, Wirecast will not authenticate into Facebook for me? Unable to complete the output configuration – Facebook Live (Facebook live stream)
    what could be the problem? – I am using the correct login, code generator, but still nothing happens

  25. Emma

    Is there a way to combine a camera shot and a screenflow shot? What we’d like to do is cut back and forth between a presenter on camera and what they’re doing on their ipad screen.

  26. Sam Kaplan

    I am trying to use Wirecast to stream to Facebook live so my stream is optimized to be viewed vertically on a phone.

    I want the video to look like it is being recorded live from a vertical phone. While I am able to change the canvas size, I am unable to change the output settings on Facebook live.

    Does this mean I will be unable to achieve this.

    Any response would be greatly appreciated.



    • That’s going to be tricky to do since Facebook wants phones to look like phones and full HD content to look like full HD content. They asked us to specifically use the 720p settings for Wirecast/Facebook content. You might be able to get around it by using Wirecast’ generic RTMP destination and streaming to Facebook via RTMP, but I don’t know if their server will accept video at a different size or not via RTMP.

  27. CJ

    WHY CANT I STREAM TO FB AND YOUTUBE SIMULTANEOUSLY ANYMORE!!!??? Why would you take away a great feature from 6 right after I paid $999 for the update to 7. DISAPPOINTING TO SAY THE VERY LEAST!!! Please make changes, QUICK!!!

    • We’ve been asked to follow Facebook’s guidelines regarding streaming to more than one location at a time while using their API. If you would like to stream to Facebook and Youtube at the same time, then you will need to configure Youtube as a generic RTMP destination inside Wirecast, which Youtube allows.

  28. Tom Leogrande

    Wirecast is the bomb. Runs very well.

    First off, when you buy it instead of use the free version they advertise up to 10 REMOTE cameras. What they don’t tell you is the anything on your LOCAL area network is considered REMOTE.

    NEXT – The software crashes. I have done 8 live streams – 5 have crashed at least once and three crashed within 5 minutes – multiple times repeatedly. Costing me business and making me look like I don’t know what I am doing.

    LIVESTREAM IS GARBAGE!!!! 100% garbage – if you want to do it right get Wirecast. Won’t crash, costs less, they care about the customers and it does what it says it can do. It’s actually more powerful and easier to use as well.

    Support is terrible. They answer the calls but nobody there has any idea how to do anything. Talk to 3 different people get three different answers none fix the issue.

  29. Enrique

    Hi, I have noticed that videos after the streaming ends show this message, “posted by Wirecast”. Is there any way to change that message to something more personal or for bussines ?

  30. hola actualmente uso wirecast studio 6.07 y logro hacer streaming hacia facebook y youtube. he comprado wirecast pro ver 7 y no puedo hacer, en esta version, el streaming simultaneo ya que al iniciar facebook ya no permite iniciar youtube. que puedo hacer.

  31. Eric

    I need help. Everytime I try streaming to FB Live with Wirecast (using 7.3.0) it will send at the resolution of 640 x 360. I always select encoding to be the default 720p30at 3Mbps– but it still output to 640 x 360. Why is this? Please help!

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  33. Hey there,

    I followed these exact steps and once i clicked the OK button i received this pop up message:

    Streaming to specific destinations other than Facebook is restricted
    Facebook policies allow recording your stream locally or streaming to generic RTMP destinations, however, streaming to other destinations is disabled.

    How can I fix this issue?

  34. Hi I downloaded the trial version and cannot get anything to work when testing the stream to FB…it simply tells me that “The server returned an error message of (#200) App does not have permission to create live video on this user” Please check your setting and try again. Same issue

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