Shortcuts to ScreenFlow Success

Keyboard Shortcutsi, o, command+backspace

Anyone know what this keyboard shortcut means off the top of your head?

What about command+c or command+v? The copy/paste keyboard shortcuts are arguably the most convenient, easy to use time savers I have ever run across.  I use them all the time both at work and at home.

Luckily, ScreenFlow has some built in keyboard shortcuts that will save you time and frustration!

So what do does the “i, o, command+backspace” keyboard shortcut do?  Well for one, it means a huge amount of time saved when editing a ScreenFlow video.  Secondly, it represents the keyboard shortcuts for a process that would normally require multiple precise edits to accomplish: the ripple delete.  I personally use the ripple delete keyboard shortcut quite often, as well as the command+k, command+l, and command+r shortcuts to add video actions, callouts and screen recording actions respectively.  Just these two tricks save me hours of editing time each week, and they are easily learned and incorporated into any workflow.

The intuitive user interface of ScreenFlow can potentially lead to more subtle features, like keyboard shortcuts, being overlooked.  Quite a few people have asked if ScreenFlow can do more complicated actions than what are immediately obvious, and my response is always to send them to this document.  Learning these useful keyboard shortcuts can save time and simplify the editing and recording process while using ScreenFlow.

Take some time to review these shortcuts, and see if you can save time on your editing!

Let us know what works best for you, or any shortcuts you would like to see in the future.  Good luck and happy casting!



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