Four Ways to Boost Your Business With Screencasts

Screencasts – which are recordings of what happens on the computer screen usually accompanied by narration – are a great way for businesses to sell products and provide online training.

With screencasts businesses are able to quickly and easily create engaging videos that communicate, train and sell products or services.

In S1 EP14 of ScreenFlowLive, “Building Your Business”, we discussed the unexpected ways that ScreenFlow can transform a company’s workflow. Below are a few screencasting strategies that can be useful for boosting your business.

1. Training

Training with screencasts allows businesses to customize a training video exclusively for a client. This enables companies to tailor tutorial videos to tackle the individual needs of a client – opposed to sending a generic training video. Personalizing a training video to send alongside a product or service will increase the value of that product or service.

2. Quoting:

An engaging video is not only a good alternative to a making users read dry technical content – but more importantly allows clients to revisit the information as needed. Quoting using screencasts allows businesses to create in-depth quotes without overwhelming customers. Watching a video and being able to see exactly what is being talked about helps clients better understand the service or product they are about to purchase.

3. Project Management:

Screencasting is a great way to communicate the needs of a project to a number of employees at once – or from project manager to project manager. In fact, the brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text. This means screencasting allows more time, less mistakes and increased productivity.

4. Content Marketing:

Finding relevant and meaningful content is difficult – but making by screencasting is easy. Creating free tutorials and videos is a quick and easy way to grow brand awareness and expand a business.

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