Protect Media Assets from Theft and Unauthorized Disclosure

Telestream Vantage utilizes NexGuard to add imperceptible video watermarks during transcoding workflow

Media and entertainment companies, corporations and government agencies need to protect their high-value digital media assets from theft and unauthorized disclosure.

By embedding forensic watermarking into video assets, NexGuard gives content owners the means of protecting their high-value media assets prior to transferring or releasing them to third parties. And NexGuard’s forensic tools let users trace content leaks, conduct leak attribution, and in the event of piracy, hold media recipients accountable.

NexGuard is available as a connector to the Telestream Vantage file-based media processing workflow. When integrated with Vantage, the combined solution allows users to embed this unique, robust digital watermarking into the video they want to protect on a per-copy basis. This automated process is done during the file-based transcoding workflow under unified Vantage system control.

Whether file-based assets are on the premises or in the cloud, media companies can use this watermarking to identify their media even when someone has misused or altered it, such as making unauthorized copies, cutting excerpts, or changing the formats. Illicit copies can then be analyzed to identify the source of the leak.

While it is imperceptible to viewers, digital watermarking protects media files, from low-res proxies to high-resolution formats up to 4K, Ultra HD, at any stage of production or distribution.

To learn more about Telestream’s workflow solutions, visit our website or call us at 1-530-470-1300. You can also download our solution brief, Protect media assets against content theft and unauthorized disclosure.

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