Top 10 Tips for A Memorable Virtual Event

Watch this Sherpa Seminar to hear our top 10 tips for hosting a memorable, impactful, and successful virtual event. We have tips for smaller-scale webcasts all the way up to large-scale virtual events, so don’t miss this month’s Sherpa Seminar.

Whether you host internal company meetings, outward-facing webinars, or large-scale virtual events for thousands or millions of attendees, there are some fundamental things to keep in mind to ensure the success of your event. Watch our Sherpa Seminar below to hear our top 10 tips from having worked with some of the world’s largest global brands.

As more organizations, companies, and individuals start streaming live video content for the first time, many are having to play catch-up to those that have been in the streaming world for months, if not years, by now. Breaking into virtual events can seem daunting, especially when the more experienced brands have dialed their strategies in and have found out how to create truly high-quality, engaging events. Even with on-demand video content, just a few time-saving tricks can make a world of difference.

Join Don Kianian to hear our tips for making your virtual event a successful and memorable one.

In this seminar, we discussed:
  • How to get the best production quality out of limited equipment/resources
  • Ways to ensure your live event goes smoothly and captivates your audience’s attention
  • What to consider when partnering with a production group to get the most bang for your buck

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