Broadcast-Grade Media Processing in the Cloud

Written by Reuben Cohn, Cloud Transcoding Product Manager

Many factors today are disrupting the status quo when it comes to doing business in general, and handling video specifically. The global pandemic has been highly disruptive to everyone of course, but there is also a continuing shift towards video being the preferred way of distributing and consuming information, advertising, news, social media, and personal communication. As video becomes more vital to more businesses, applications, websites, and communities, having an accessible and flexible way to implement broadcast-grade media processing in the cloud grows more important as well. Similarly, as the global pandemic has shifted focus onto remote operations and more agile ways of doing business, cloud-based solutions have also become even more vital.

These disruptions and trends are leading many companies to seek a convergence of cloud-based technologies and highly capable video processing. A variety of players are entering this fray, both traditional ones such as broadcasters and post-houses, as well as relative newcomers such as social media platforms and app developers.

New Architectures

Traditional broadcasters and others in the media and entertainment industry are looking towards an architecture that shifts some or all of their existing workflows into the cloud to take advantage of the massive scalability and cost-effective SaaS solutions to be found there. As these large enterprises want to scale up or shift load into the cloud, in addition to flexibility and security they need a foundation of technology they can trust to meet their demanding and detailed specifications.

New Tools

As others outside of the traditional media space go in search of tools to integrate into their platforms and the backend of apps for processing video they also desire highly scalable SaaS solutions to accommodate a wide variety of transcoding scenarios. The need for modern architectures and API-driven products is critical to teams mainly consisting of developers. As with the first group, a trustworthy foundation of technology to ensure that specs can be met and that beautiful pictures are created for consumers is a must.

Telestream Cloud Transform

Enter Telestream Cloud Transform! This new SaaS service for creating broadcast-grade media processing in the cloud brings to bear our 20+ years of experience working hand-in-hand with all the big names in the media and entertainment industry. Transform is built on top of the Telestream Media Framework, the same field tested platform that underpins our other enterprise solutions; providing the broadest array of codecs and features around. Running within our robust, massively scalable, high security, and cloud-provider-agnostic Telestream Cloud ecosystem, Transform is able not only to meet the media files in whichever cloud provider and region on the planet they currently reside, but to confidently perform whatever intense media processing is required. Whether the goal is producing h.264 or h.265 video for distribution, high quality I-frame content for editing or archive, IMF or DCP packages for interchange or cinema, the Telestream Media Framework inside of Transform has all the bases covered. Disruptions spur growth and new opportunity. With Telestream Cloud Transform now part of our toolkit, Telestream is ready to continue bringing integral services to tackle the most difficult, demanding, and cutting-edge video workflows, regardless of how they continue to evolve.

Where to get more information

You can learn more about Telestream Cloud Transform, check out the API schema, and even sign up for the service to see it for yourself by visiting:

Transform on the Telestream website.

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