Sherpa Business Integrations

Get more value out of your video content by connecting it with your other business systems.

Understand your audience better and create more relevant messages with Sherpa’s API-based architecture.

Sherpa’s API-based platform architecture allows it to interoperate with any systems or protocols currently in place. The possibilities for how to connect Sherpa Stream to existing applications can yield significant productivity improvements above and beyond the world of video. By leveraging Sherpa as a content hub, an organization can direct all employees to a single location, where all the relevant content from all of the various systems are consolidated and served up to only the people who should be consuming it.

Here are some business applications already leveraging our API’s:

  • Personalized Content Delivery – Deliver personal website experiences with relevant content
  • Email Marketing – Include personalized video content within campaigns.
  • CRM Systems – Help your salespeople drive opportunities past the finish line by serving up relevant content based on opportunity stage or lead information.
  • Analytics Tools – Visualize and generate custom reports based on Sherpa’s extensive analytics tracking
  • Internal Communications – Take collaboration to a whole new level by delivering live events through your company intranet or gathering feedback through Yammer

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